ALL albums with pictures disappeared and file-copying from PC unable

  • Hi all,

    yesterday I was charging my Aquaris M5 and it went crazy, the screen was blocked and so I turned it off and on with my surprise that I had cero albums in the internal memory, I had about three different albums and they are gone ALL OF THEM!!! My first attempt was try to recover the pics with Recuva but it doesn´t recognize my device, so I tried with another ne but it happened the same or it couldn´t find any pictures (still in warranty so I didn´t want to root it). I gave up and I wanted to transfer an album that I partially saved on my laptop few months ago and for my surprise it doesn´t let me even copy the album from my laptop to my M5!! I thought...maybe is too big, so I tried with a single picture and it was taking ages, more than a minute and then it cancels. 

    I don´t know what is wrong with it. It has exactly one year now since I bought it, I want to understand the problem before to restore factory settings, in case it helps?

    I would really appreciate any guidedance as I am so bad with techs :)

    Thank you so much!!


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  • Have you solved this problem or not?